Al Saleh Co

For Manufacturing & Trading Of Adhesives & Upholstery Materials


Al-Saleh Company for Adhesives and Renovation Supplies. Specialized in the manufacture, trade and import of all adhesives, especially silicone wax sticks and all upholstery supplies from the finest international materials.

- We are a branch of the mother company in the United Arab Emirates, which is a commercial industrial company for adhesives of various high-quality materials and

all upholstery supplies of all materials.


Al Saleh Co. For Manufacturing & Trading Of Adhesives is the globally leading hot melt glue stick company in terms of sales. Our self- produced hot melt glue sticks are characterized with the best quality, which make our customers operation smooth and avoid any unpleasant odors that might impact our olfactory organs adversely. We offer strong adhesion glue sticks with various colors. They can be highly transparent, white, or yellowish. Appearances of our glue sticks are very competitive in global market due to clear cut surface, good roundness and consistent thickness


Our products - Transparent silicone wax fingers - Yellowish strong glue silicone wax fingers - Silicone wax sticks of different colors - All upholstery supplies - Manufacture, import and trade of adhesives from the best global raw materials


High quality adhesives are widely applied to many industries. Such as, food packaging, book binding, tape & label, furniture, industrial assembly, automobile, non-woven hygiene material, filter, shoes, DIY handcraft, electronic appliance, courier bag, etc…. Furthermore,  Al Saleh Co. For Manufacturing & Trading Of Adhesives  is the designated supplier of many internationally prestigious companies.